Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Thats Allot of Foam

This 75,000 sq. ft. maintenance hangar had foam standing over 20 ft. high from a state-of-the-art foam fire extinguishing system that was set off in error. We h... READ MORE

Sprinkler System Malfunctions

Brookwood Golf Course in Davison had major water damage due to the sprinkler system going off. The water affected several offices and hallways along with the co... READ MORE

Restaurant Basement Flood

Around 11:30 PM, we received a call from a local restaurant with a basement flood. We arrived on site and Ben and Austin started to extract the standing water. ... READ MORE

Kitchen Cleaning

This kitchen was covered in layers of dust and dirt. The dust on the stove was so thick that you could write paragraphs on it, and still have dust to spare. The... READ MORE

Warehouse Cleaning

This 75,000 square foot warehouse was covered in carbon dust. It spread into every room, including the bathrooms. With a timeline of two weeks to clean the buil... READ MORE

Water & Fire damage at Dairy Queen in Lapeer

Putting out the fire at Lapeer's Dairy Queen caused all sorts of water damage. Lucky the SERVPRO of Lapeer team's headquarters was only 2 minutes away! When a ... READ MORE