Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Basement Mold

This basement needed some work. Prior to starting the remediation process, we needed to remove the carpet. Following the carpet, we started to remediate the mold that was on the floor and a quarter of the way up the wall around the entire basement. Once the remediation process was complete, we set up and air mover. Once the job was complete, we conversed with the customer to ensure that everything was completed to their expectations and left a happy customer in their mold free home!

Mold in the Attic

This attic is 1,983 square feet and completely covered in mold. It was identified and a ventilation issue. The problem was unable to be solved until the mold was taken care of. As a result, Austin and Josh were sent to the site to set-up the containment zone and start the remediation process. During the final walk through with the customer, the attic is clear of any mold and ready for the proper ventilation to be installed.

Moldy Corner

Ben and Austin arrived on site to find a tarp covering the mold discovered in the corner of the dinning room. Prior to removing it, they built a barrier around the effect area. Using the proper protection, they removed the tarp and started to cut the drywall in the effected area. Following proper procedure, they removed up to two feet of drywall around the source to check for any further mold. Confirming that the mold was just located in the corner, they started the mediation and the remediation process. After removing several trash bags of drywall from the space, Austin and Ben started to clean up and touch base with the customer, informing them that the mold had removed and their home is mold free.