Water Damage Photo Gallery

The image shows a Hydroxyl generator

We Come Prepared

We have a Hydroxyl generator running in our office to disinfect as our crews are back and forth working with some businesses in our community. Can we help you to disinfect and sanitize your space? Call 810-644-1000

Ice covering a pipe

Frozen Pipes Season!

Today, we're talking frozen pipes! During cold weather, burst pipes are a common causes of property damage and can cost thousands to fix. Drip your faucets to keep them from freezing up.

Near Total Loss

This is a home we are currently mitigating in Grand Blanc. The homeowners are snowbirds and have been in Florida. A second floor pipe failed, flooding the home until it finally knocked the power; disabling the well pump.

See a complete 360 of the interior here: https://www.facebook.com/SERVPROLAPEER/

Ice House

This home suffered a second floor pipe failure in the middle of winter while the homeowner's were in Florida.  Water continued to poor through the entire home for week(s) until it finally hit the electrical panel; tripping the power to the well pump.  This photo shows some of the ice formations on the exterior of the home from water seeping through the walls. 

Obscure Humidity Issues

This homeowner had an issue with condensation inside her home on both ceilings and walls from an unknown source.  There was no obvious answer as to where the water was coming from upon initial inspection.  After thorough review, it was determined that her furnace had malfunctioned as it was not removing the humidity from the air as it was designed to. 

Specialized Equipment for Drying

The Injectidry Floor Drying System can save wet floor and completely dry it out about 90% of the time with little to no damage when completely dry in 3-5 days time.